zoic: We imagined pet food could be better, healthier and bursting with life. So we created it. At once nutritious and wallet-friendly. That’s Zoic. The best affordable dog food.

The best affordable dog food.

You’re tight with your pup. It’s a tremendous bond you guys have. The story that’s evolving day by day is of fine companionship and utter devotion. And that goes both ways. Sometimes you wonder how you got to be so lucky – having this special dog gazing up at you, tail wagging exuberantly.

Unconditional love is at the core here. And that means, not chincing out on kibble. You want to nourish that bond by feeding your buddy the best food imagination can formulate – Zoic.

Small batch pet food at its finest.

What you feed your dog matters.

Zoic begins and ends with meat. It’s packed with it. Plus the easily-digestible kibble is grain free and energy-packed. This is uncompromising, top quality dog food. Only the highest quality protein and fats. Simple transparent ingredients. The best affordable dog food. Your dog will love you for this!

100% grain free.
First 3 or 4 ingredients are meat.
Up to 2X* more meat than leading competitors.
Healthburst Probiotics
No white potato or plant protein concentrates.
27-30% protein.
No protein splitting.
Anti-biotic and hormone free meat, poultry and fish.
Bio-available nutrient-dense proteins to help build and repair muscle.

* Varies depending on brand.

Affordably priced to meat your lifestyle!

We’re a small, family-owned, decidedly non-conglomerate pet food company, out of northern Colorado. Zoic was imagined by our son. He’s a millennial who is absolutely passionate about responsible pet care, treating dogs with ultimate respect. He wanted to formulate a food that was highly nourishing, without compromise. It’s a cause for Zoic: to open up possibilities for health, giving nutrition to dog owners on a budget.

Zoic: A fresh new take on what you can serve your cherished pup. For life.

Zoic means having zest, celebrating pure instinct and the freedom, energy and ability to do what comes naturally. So your pet can live an active, happy and healthy life.

We believe we’ve made something groundbreaking here. Bountiful nutrition that fits in nicely with one’s budget.

That’s a beautiful thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q
    Can I use your diets to treat my dog’s health issue?

    Answer: We always recommend consulting with your vet when trying to treat a specific health issue. Though we have several people using our diets to help alleviate a specific health condition, we formulate all our diets for healthy pets and per FDA & government regulations we cannot claim that our diets treat or alleviate specific medical or health conditions.

  • Q
    Why are Zoic diets ideal for pets with food sensitivities and allergies?

    Answer: Our diets are great for pets with sensitivities because they are free of the most common canine allergies: Corn, Wheat, Soy, & Dairy. Our diets are nutritionally complete and feature quality meats, poultry and fish as the first, second and third ingredients, with no cheap fillers like high glycemic carbohydrates commonly found in other pet foods, even those claiming to be premium.

  • Q
    How do I transition my dog from his or her current food to Zoic?

    Answer: To transition, gradually mix in Zoic over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount of Zoic each day so that you are feeding only Zoic by day 7. When transitioning to a new food, it is important to pay attention to your pet’s stool. A healthy diet and good digestion will result in a stool that is formed but soft – not liquid or rock hard.

  • Q
    What does ‘Formulated for Rotational Feeding’ mean?

    Answer: To eliminate the potential for creating a food based protein allergy, it is highly recommended you rotate your pet’s food. Zoic products were created with a base formulation and the addition of critical proteins. This base formulation allows you to switch your pet’s food from one protein to another without transitioning, and your pet should have little or no challenges with the diet change. Our unique natural probiotics also support digestive health.


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